brain check-up

Healthy ageing is also a question of proper prevention

Thanks to the latest imaging techniques, we are now in a much better position to recognise the risks to nerve and brain health.
We support you with a comprehensive check-up of your entire nervous system and blood vessels. The examination is based on precise diagnostics using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The precise 3D images of your cell structures are then analysed by our experienced specialists. Part of the brain check-up are: Morphometry, functional analysis and analysis of the brain’s vulnerability.
A cohort study has shown that almost 10% of the population suffer from previously unnoticed consequences of cerebrovascular disease. A preventive examination is about detecting such lesions in order to prevent pathological events by discovering the cause and appropriate treatment.

Brain check-up before general anaesthesia

The evaluation of the brain-supplying vessels before an operation planned under general anaesthesia is of great importance for the clarification of critical blood flow conditions in order to ensure sufficient blood flow during an operation.

The earlier you take care of your brain health, the smarter you are - and stay

  • About 15-20 per cent of people over the age of 60 experience delirium after a general anaesthetic or even suffer a prolonged slump in their brain performance.

  • Regardless of age, as many as 10 percent of patients examined by MRI have cerebrovascular disease.

  • An aneurysm is present in about 3 percent of those examined.

  • A tumour is only found in just under 1 percent of those examined.

Comprehensive brain health is close to our hearts

We are passionate about making the latest medical discoveries and technologies available to everyone who wants the best brain health into old age.

Our technologies

We use the latest generation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment to perform our comprehensive brain check-up.

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