About aging brain power, vulnerable brains and energy

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Hottiger

In the course of normal aging, increasingly vulnerable conditions arise for the energy homeostasis of the brain, i.e. situations with scarce or insufficient cellular energy occur and as a consequence of such an undersupply, an affected cell can only partially or no longer perform its functions.

An acute stress situation can lead to delirium, as observed in approximately 15% of surgical procedures/general anesthesia in patients over 60.

Involved clinical specialists now agree that it would be useful to identify and prepare high-risk patients before such an event occurs. Neuromedicine and neuropsychologists at SCNSI, in collaboration with scientists at the CABMM of the University of Zurich and private industry, propose to identify at-risk patients using simple, non-invasive neuropsychological tests and then further clarify them.

The lecture by Prof. Michael Hottiger will provide insight into the cellular mechanisms of energy production of a cell / cell system.

Prof. Dr. Dr.

Michael Hottiger