Facts about life-threatening aneurysms in the head

Primo Medico Specialists Talk by Prof. Dr. med. Wanke

Brain haemorrhage - How risky are image-guided interventions on blood vessels really?

A brain haemorrhage is usually life-threatening and occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures. This can happen due to a head injury or due to the occurrence of brain aneurysms, weak points in the blood vessels that form bulges or vascular malformations and can rupture. What can be done?

Prof. Dr. med. Isabel Wanke from the Swiss Neuro Radiology Institute (SNRI) in Zurich, specialists in neuroradiology as well as medical imaging and image-guided treatment, has special imaging techniques for creating special implants, answers specific questions in this podcast: How is a brain aneurysm detected – with what techniques and symptoms? When does treatment have to be carried out? Facts about risk groups, risk analysis, chances of survival, limitations, neurological deficits, stress, treatment risks and procedures. How to prevent recurrent aneurysms? How complicated are interventions really?

Prof. Dr. med.

Isabel Wanke

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